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Not happily though.
Probably is happily divorced though.

The divorce settlement was around £5 million, and Blauel went on to live in a country house in Surrey purchased for her by Elton. She carried on living a secluded life in the UK until the early 2000s, when she is thought to have returned to Germany to care for her parents.

Paul Myners, the City grandee and former Labour minister brought in to government to tackle the 2008 financial crisis, has died at the age of 73.

Regarded as an influential figure in both the square mile and politics for his time advising the former prime minister Gordon Brown on the historic bailout of the British banking system, Baron Myners, of Truro in the county of Cornwall, died in the early hours of this morning.


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YouTuber Adalia Rose dies aged 15 from genetic condition

When I saw the picture I thought it was a Thunderbirds puppet.

YouTuber Adalia Rose dies aged 15 from genetic condition

When I saw the picture I thought it was a Thunderbirds puppet.

Whilst serving in Germany I knew someone who had a similar disorder, if not the same, through a mutual German friend. His happily accepted nickname was Turbo and he really did live up to it – he had tremendous energy and a very sharp mind. He was tiny, funny and charming and a delight to be with. The last time I saw him, a couple of years before he died, aged about 22, he looked about 90 but still had the energetic mind of someone about 20 but with a curious maturity far beyond his years.

Before I first met him at a party my German friend, himself disabled, kindly warned me that I would meet someone unusual, which really helped and I hope I didn’t do the shocked look that we (or maybe just I) tend to do in such situations. I was grateful, but Turbo turned out to be one of those positive people that’s a delight to spend time with and made he me feel welcome right from the start.

Although he did of course know about his limited time it was never mentioned and, after just a minute or two with him, something that didn’t even occur. A really lovely bloke and someone I’m happy to say I knew, even for a little while.


Relax. The world has returned to an even keel.

Sky News headline this morning.

Wavy Navy Pooh: Rapper fatally shot 'in front of two children' while driving in Miami, according to reports​

Thank Goodness there are still people who respect the values of tradition
It's restored my faith in humanity


Vincent Edwards (September 9, 1969 – January 2022) professionally known by his stage name CPO Boss Hogg, was an American rapper from Compton, California.
An official cause of death has not been revealed but the rapper chronicled his health challenges over the years, including surviving congenital heart failure.
He was a fat fcuker.
Not @BossHogg from 'Straight out of Cumbria' surely not?