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Dead pool 2021

I hope Phil gets better, and reaches a hundred.
then lIz can point out Cap'n tom used his walker to do laps of the garden.
Go on Phil, off round Windsor Great Park you go...
Will his telegram from the missus be hand delivered ?
Breaking news - Update on DoE...

The Duke of Edinburgh has undergone a successful procedure for a pre-existing heart condition, Buckingham Palace says.
Prince Philip, 99, has spent 16 nights in hospital.​
He was being treated for an infection and moved to St Bartholomew's Hospital in London on 1 March for tests and observation on his heart condition.​

Now if he was just some ordinary granddad in this day and age he'd be straight out of the back door full of diamorphine . Cause of death "covid"
Bertie Fisher nose dived in a helicopter as well. They dont seem to mix well with rally drivers.
I remember the BBC Radio Ulster report on that crash which happened not far from the Fermanagh border, they interviewed a farmer who lived near the crash site.

I paraphrase:

Farmer: "I heard the racket of the helicopter and then the crash out beyond the back field"

BBC interviewer: "What did you see when you went out to investigate?"

"Oh, I didn't go out"

"You didn't go out to check?"

"Well, I thought it was a British Army helicopter that had come down, so I just stayed inside"
We couldn't help but notice when the scare went up last week, that every presenter on BBC and Sky was wearing black, just in case.

I remember when the Queen Mother popped her clogs on a Saturday afternoon, the news presenter who broke it was caught short without a black tie.
As I recall it we were always told, anecdotally, that there was a black tie permanently kept in readiness in a drawer of the newsreader's desk for when the Queen Mum or Queen died, it was just one of those things people always said. So when the Beeb's news anchor (Peter Sissons if I am not wrong) appeared to front the rolling coverage in a very nice lilac tie eyebrows were raised across the nation.

If they had simply said, "Oh sorry our mistake, we couldn't find the black tie, you know what Saturday afternoons are like" no one would have cared much, but it turned out it was actually a deliberate decision by the head of current affairs. The lady in question (usual Beeb type, with a suspiciously Irish-sounding name if I am not wrong) warned the newsroom "not to go overboard" and specifically told the presenter not to wear a black tie, as it could keep for the funeral.

The Daily Mail had a field day for a week.

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