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Seeing as he has died so young and not yet claiming an OAP I'm sure as a 54 year old, Mr. Rowland's family must now be a bit worried just how they are possibly going to cope without his meagre MEP pension. Still, at least their second home in the Bahamas will be a parachute to slow down any family financial worries eh Kirky lad?


Frank Lampard now Chelsea about to sack him must be a long shot.
I'm afraid your predicted call has come true. I bet Frank would have given a testical for some of those long shots you mentioned to have been on target against Leicester eh RTU?

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Dr Joseph Venglos, a Dr in what I don’t know but he was the first foreign manager in Top flight British football.

Babylon 5 and Lost actress Mira Furlan has died at the age of 65.
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Apparently of complications arising from West Nile Virus. Babylon 5 was one seriously cursed TV programme, I think more of the regular cast members are now dead than are alive.
So it's like the same life expectancy of beaming down to a planet wearing a red shirt in Star Trek?

BBC News - Talented but flawed producer Phil Spector dies aged 81
BBC again. This time calling an IRA terrorist "an IRA veteran."

As was pointed out online, was Bin Laden etc one too? The tweet and story has disappeared but here's some of it:

BBC forced into grovelling climbdown after calling IRA terrorist a 'veteran' (

This is the article re-edited:

Covid-19: Police investigate potential breaches at republican funeral - BBC News

"This story was amended on 27 January 2021 to remove the phrase 'IRA veteran'. Whilst referring to Mr McCourt's long history in republicanism, we accept the phrase was open to misinterpretation."

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