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Dead pool 2021


Joe Biden.

Idris Elba please....


Elton John , about time his past catches up with him
Ghislaine Maxwell , in the shower block , with a knife by Miss Plum who's doing a 10 stretch for smuggling crack


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Thinking of Blair do Mossad take crowdfunded takeaway orders.
I now cannot get this out of my head.

Man stuck in traffic. Policeman knocks on window. "What's the problem officer?"

"Terrorists, sir. They've taken Tony Blair hostage and are demanding a significant ransom, or they're going to douse him in petrol and burn him alive. We're taking a collection."

"Oh my God. How much have you collected?"

"About five gallons, sir. "
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Gary Linneker
Humza Yousaf
Bunter Blackford
Adolf Drakeford

Wishful thinking I know! (Oh, and Piers Morgan)

pc flaps

War Hero
All those celebs / politicos on the "fcuk me I thought he'd died years ago" list.

Mel Brooks
Bill Rodgers (of Gang of Four fame)
Jimmy Carter
Mikhail Gorbachev

Jack Nicholson, who looks like he's being kept alive by a foot pump placed off screen...

....And most of all, Piers "Morgan" Moron.


Is 2021 the year that Phil the Greek dies? He's been mentioned in the Dead Pool ever since I joined the site in 2007.

I reckon he's too stubborn to die so my five are;

Murray Walker
Bobby Charlton
Her Majesty
Bill Turnbull

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