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My favorite uncle just passed away (size 9's). Ex Lancashire Fusilers/RRF/stab.
Not confirmed Corona but Pneumonia at the unforgiving age of 83.
He had the stoop of a serial carrier of a mortar base plate with the arms to match. Taught me wood skills, how to make Airfix kits and home made explosives. When times were tough he kept the family fed on procured 24h ration packs which explains my love of processed food and knowing the Arabic for Mars bar and Spangles.
One of my earliest memories is of Him driving Father Christmas into Bury drill hall on top of a Ferret armored car and thinking even then he had some serious connections (I knew he was driving because I could see his red "tash" before I knew the face). I can shut my eyes even now and hear the echo and smell the place.
Later years weren't too kind to him but he looked back on his service life for strength.
I'll miss the moaning old c20thfootunt.
Thank you for all the comments and likes. passed on to family and ex LF'S
Still none the wiser.
Only noticed this gent in the past few years. His song - 'In Spite of Ourselves' should be nominated as the ARRSE National Anthem. His classic for me is - "Hello in There' . I've both on my Ipod and never tire of listening to them.

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