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I enjoyed most of Cussler's books, except when he made a cameo appearance in each one. Surely the heroes of the story must have realised this old codger kept turning up! That said, the stories were fun and if taken with a decent sized pinch of salt, were decent bedside reading. They are harmless fun as opposed to the bollocks and Bullshit churned out by certain ex-THEM who really should know better!
Used to enjoy the first chapter of his books . Had some quite interesting scenarios . But once past that chapter it was a case of same old , same old repetitiveness all the way through the rest . Had to give up on them in the end .
There's a lot in a name. He was far more successful than his brother, Slave.


Never heard of her but her career must of been in the shiter as she was a producer on the Jeremy Kyle Show. 2nd female involved in reality TV in 2 weeks. It is a horrid genre of TV



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Sheila Hancock, lovely lady. Born 1933, so likely to croak, when she's had just one more cigarette.

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