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Dead Pool 2020

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Credit to Jarrod
I suspect that if it had happened 12 years later then it wouldn't have mattered too much. However it was just 4 years after the Falklands and it was being bigged up as a massive grudge match by the British press - the headline in The Sun was "It's War Senor". He was also blatant and unapologetic about it. Had he said sorry and said that it was an accident then he could have diffused the situation. However he wasn't and he didn't so bollocks to him.
Well, the Argentines have never stopped whining that we cheat ever since England brought on a sub in '82.

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A bit like Shilton I was a tad slow off the mark. I still say Shilton should have taken the bastard out, the short arse little fat bastard shouldn’t have got any where near that ball.

Maradona 5'6"
Shilton 6'1"

He was a cheating little sh__, but nope, he shouldn't have got anywhere near that ball. Great keeper, but he'd have to hold up his hands...well anyway.


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