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Dead Pool 2020

Rather bizarrely, he's a keen mason. Perhaps they let him wear his cloak on lodge nights.
He makes stones fit on walls for a hobby?


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SP Balasubrahmanyam Indian singer, has passed.

40,000 songs across 16 languages is seriously impressive. Presumably he knew how to look after his voice with a record like that!

I have a feeling that even this output would be eclipsed by Asha Bhosle. Practically every Hindi, Marathi, Bengali Tamil etc. movie of the last 60 years would have had Asha's distinctive high-pitched singing voice dubbed onto the heroine's part. The old girl might still be working, for all I know.

Not really my style, but some of her earlier stuff had a certain charm, before everything started to go a bit bhangra.
Before I converted to Rock Music, in my teens I was into reggae and Monkey Man by The Maytals was one of my purchases - a catchy song. Covered in later years by Amy Winohouse of all people.
ETA - beaten to it by @bobthebuilder

Saw Toots and the Maytells at the free gig in Hyde Park in 1974. In the early 70s most of the youth clubs round Ealing in west London played a lot of reggae, which is where I got into it. Somewhere I still have a battered vinyl copy of Tighten up Vol 2...

Now I have a bunch of remastered CD boxed sets from Trojan Records... :)

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