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Dead Pool 2020


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I was surprised to hear that Time Out was still going. I had assumed that it had folded years ago.

It used to be on sale in newsagents like W H Smith's and I would buy it occasionally, but, about 8 years ago, it became a free magazine.

On Tuesday mornings, vendors position themselves outside tube stations and mainline stations in Central London and give them out; I still get the occasional one, although it's a thinner magazine than it once was.
Did a bear get him ?

(seen the film just don't remember a thing about it . Will have to have a re-watch some time )
No, but when you see his death scene you will have to admit that it plucks at the old heart strings. ;-)
My great-great-great grand-pappy had a hand in this.

Magua for the Last of tye Mohicans.jpg
Didn't he also play the Irish sarjeant in 'oh what a lovley war'?
Yeah, amongst many, many other roles. He cropped up in all manner of tv shows and films. And I never knew his name... until now. RIP Maurice Roeves.


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One for the 2021 or 2022 Dead Pool perhaps? I'd like to be very wrong on this one as she is no age. There are no details on the type of cancer but it doesn't sound great.


Happy to take her round the Nurburgring one last time.

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