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He did some sterling work and he managed to drag Western film scores out of the Roy Rogers era.
.... including this for the celebrated Film .... The Battle For Algiers .... and the gist of a Post of mine from another thread ... " His composition superbly reflects the atmosphere of various parts of the film "

Dmitri Tiomkin did that in 1952 - High Noon.
Well, 'Do Not Forsake Me' was a nice tune, but it was just another cowboy song really. The incidental music was good but just more film music. There was also nice stuff to be found in The Alamo, Rio Bravo (both leaned heavily on the Deguello theme) and How the West Was Won, but none of it broke any moulds, IMHO.

What EM did was really something different, stylistically.
Don't forget the Hateful Eight. F**cking fantasticically moody and suspenseful score. (Although nothing beats the final shootout in 'How the West was won', IMHO)

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We are only on this planet for a short while , if you can leave having left a legacy of good music then you have done good.
Never has a truer word been spoken. I an privileged to count among my very small group of friends a man known as Corky Siegal who moved to these parts around the same time as I and my family did.

I first met Corky at a BBQ hosted by one of the locals, what this man couldn't play on a harmonica or a piano wasn't worth listening to IMHO.

He is a classically trained pianist but his first love has always been the harmonica. Corky never made it big in the music scene although he did play on a few music scores for movies and tv shows and he had a fairly successful band.

He is very much the modest man and never says much about his musical past, it was only after watching the movie Wanted Dead or Alive I heard just how good this man was. Later at another gathering of friends I asked him to play the music to the closing credits of the movie, The look of surprise on his face was a sight to see.

He did so for me and even without the backing music as heard on the closing credits of the movie, he played it with such feeling that one could feel the torture of a soul in each note.

Here is that choon.


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He did some sterling work and he managed to drag Western film scores out of the Roy Rogers era.
You've only got to compare the two themes from The Virginian. Guess which one Ennio did. The bloke was an absolute genius.


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