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Dead Pool 2019


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still sad when your partner buggers off and leaves you.
I know only too well. Hence my sarcastic comments about 'committed Christians ' and adultery. See her quote in the article about him having three wives and her two husbands during their relationship!
Think of a US version of 'Can't pay, we'll take it away' with massive hooters and guns and you're nearly there.
I don’t watch the UK version either, but I get your drift.
I do enjoy the female form, but have to admit, ‘massive hooters’ don’t do it for me!
I was reading about her the other day, heavy smoker and had throat cancer
both her and her husband are committed Christians
heavily tattooed and muscled Christians !!

Actual throat cancer?, they're no Himmler walt
Thomas "T C" Campbell dies at the age of 66

Hard as fuck those weegies .....imagine killing a family of 6 just so you can sell ice cream on their patch
Such sad sad news..... the bit where it says in the article that he died after a 'short illness' I mean..

“He was totally wedded to the peace process"... of course he was, but first off he was responsible for bringing in shitloads of arms from Libya to force through that Peace Process by terror...

Golden rule - " never speak ill of the dead".

Kev's shennannigans were 'cracked' a time before. Others died In lieu. He survived. His family should give thanks. There's some in Derry who would consider otherwise. Anyway RIP.

Edited to correct 'was' as opposed to plural 'were' while adding "anyway".
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