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It is with great sadness that I have to convey the following View attachment 398783

Coffin of 'unrepentant' founding Provisional IRA member, 97, who opposed the Northern Irish peace process is carried by men in black military-style berets as hundreds of mourners attend his Belfast funeral

Provisional IRA founding member Billy McKee's funeral is held | Daily Mail Online

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Reading that article, it came to mind, "Gee, was that the best coffin party they could find?"

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I thought his 'Hamlet' was brilliant, and casting Mel Gibson was inspired. After all, the play is, essentially, about a man going bonkers and Gibson excelled at that.

I met Zefferelli once, along with Vittorio da Sica, at the premier of 'The Garden of the Fizi-Continis', my then landlady was a close personal friend of da Sica. They were both charming and generous men.
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