Dead Pool 2019

Avon's shuffled off


The obit described Blake's Seven as ''low buget''. Pfft, it was the height of technical sophistication to my 12 year old self!
Stay awake? A week is either hibernation or well on the way to a vegetative state.
It was missing the date at the end of the obit. Let’s just say it’s been one of those days. Is it too early in the week for a cheeky pint???
Good obit for Paul Darrow in the Times today.
He was on Pointless Celebs a few months back and was in a wheelchair with Michael Keating [Vila]
IIRC, he had had a leg amputated.
A fine actor.

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
Agreed, it was worth the license fee just for The Old Grey Whistle Test.
my son arrived on the early morning of 12 may 1976 ,Doris was in the theatre having a C section , I was watching Hendrix ,the who , and Little Feat, on OGWT but got dragged away from the TV
took about 30 years until I actually saw a repeat
Enough of this frivolity.... Get well soon Whispering Bob!
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