Dead Pool 2019

One of his hobbies was guessing the safe combinations used by his colleagues at Los Alamos.

He was also a bit of a joker. He loved to play pranks on the Los Alamos guards while working on the Manhatten Project. He'd walk into camp via the front gates, which would involve the guards logging his entry, then he'd walk around to the back of the camp where part of the fence hadn't been installed yet, walk back out of camp and back through the front gates. He did this five times in a row and the guards were going nuts trying to figure out how they were missing him walking out of camp.

He also was on the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster investigation board and was the first to push the possibility of the O rings being affected by temperature by demostrating it on TV

His book is a good read. A real renaissance man.

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I think Cersei Lannister will be die shortly.
Possibly by Arya Stark, in King's Landing, with the needle.
Cersei won't die till the final episode.
If anything, I wish Arya's useless sister would get bumped off first. Arya has training.
Agreed. Cersei will be around until the end. I think Arya will take on her face and then command the Lannister army and chums to face the army of the dead. It'll be like the 7th cavalry coming in to the rescue, without the John Wayne saddlebags.


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I think Cersei Lannister will be die shortly.
Possibly by Arya Stark, in King's Landing, with the needle.
If much of what you visually ingest is garnered from the ether, there are few refuges from this scourge, peopled by midgets and Yorkshiremen.

Now you have made it one less.

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Ex Hibs hooligan leader and thug.
A real-life Tommy Robinson.
Mates with Irvine Welsh, who tipped him for the part of 'hard man' in the film.
No great loss to society then =-D
I know he’s already been mentioned as a prospect for falling in the pool, but Val Kilmer seems to be struggling lately.

Before the Bengal gripped him.

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Life imitating art.

'Scottish movie star and former British lightweight boxing champion Bradley Welsh has been shot dead in Scotland. Welsh, 42, who rose to fame playing the role of a gangland boss in the British movie Trainspotting 2, was shot in the head following a disturbance about 8pm local time on a Edinburgh street, according to the The Sun.'

Trainspotting 2 star shot and killed in Scotland
He was a well-loved and highly respected character in the community, a family man who would do anything for anybody and who devoted his life to charity and to mentoring Edinburgh's youth.

Bradley Welsh 'was shot after £130,000 of drugs he was guarding vanished' | Metro News
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