Dead Pool 2019

Just broken on Radio 5.

Liverpool legend Tommy Smith.
Hard as nails, from an era when football fans knew the names of all their team and the reserves.
A great quote from Bill Shankley on Radio 5 today “Tommy Smith wasn’t born, he was quarried”!
You know when you suddenly need a dump? I mean REALLY need to let go right now? No warning?
So you clinch your 'nipsey' (ie Sphincter) and 'hussle/hustle', with buttocks clenched to the nearest lavatory/bush/confessional/phone booth/Church crypt steps.

To my eternal shame.
It’s “Lights Out” for UFO keyboardist and guitarist Paul Raymond from a heart attack aged 73. He was also in Savoy Brown and Chicken Shack.
He was still playing with UFO at the time of his death, they had just started what was referred to as as their final world tour, dubbed “Last Orders”. Ironically prescient as far as Raymond was concerned.

Paul Raymond, UFO Keyboardist and Guitarist, Dies

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He should have seen his Doctor Doctor.
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