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I don't give a fuck what he thinks.
Why post his vids on here and increase his chances of earning from people clicking the link?
You fucking Mong.

Britain's "ugliest" dog, who had a cataract and no teeth, has died aged 16, his owner has announced.

Chase, a Chinese-crested mix, came third in California's World's Ugliest Dog contest in 2017.
Remember seeing him and The Beat doing a gig in the Lord Raglan In Great Brickkiln Street Wolverhampton when I was still but a youth, happy days.
His son took over the backing singer and is good.. Still gutted I will never see him again
Australian cricketer Bruce Yardley has drawn stumps after a prolonged battle against the Bengal, which defeated him yesterday aged 71. He was a good solid pro who came to the national side relatively late aged 30 during the period when a lot of Kerry Packer’s WSC players were banned from playing Test cricket.

Although a spin bowler, he was a useful late order bat, hitting the fastest Test fifty, a record that stood for 38 years. In his 33 Tests between February 1978 and April 1983 his 126 wickets came at an average of 31.63 including six five wicket innings and a best of 7-98 against the Windies in January 1982.

Former Test spinner Yardley dies, aged 71

This was Phil Collins in January. :omg: Looking at the state of him he’s gotta be worth a punt. Actually, I’m genuinely shocked how he seems to have suddenly aged so much. The choice of song is somewhat ironic.

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