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Please tell me that this a photoshopped picture.


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Seems a bit harsh to demand payment for somebody who never even visited Cardiff's training ground or even wore their shirt, but as my old gran used to say when she was running her shop that sold lots of tat "You touch you buy". The player was at least insured by the club at the time of his deep sea dive, but the next bit is determining whether the skeletal remains are the footballer or the pilot. He's been down there a wee while. Plenty of time for the crabs and other sea life to have had a decent feast.
I was looking at the BBC news today, the whole thing is untangling
it seems the owner of the aircraft had been using it ostensibly for pleasure but taking a few mates along to split the running costs
oddly one of the companies involved has suddenly moved the ownership of its aircraft to the channel islands
it looks like a few people are going to be called in for a chat
The story behind the Sala transfer flights


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Hopefully not gracing the pages of this thread this year, but sounds like things aren't good.

'Peter Frampton has revealed he will stop touring because he has a rare degenerative muscular disease. Frampton, whose record, Frampton Comes Alive, is still one of the best-selling live albums of all time, said he has been recording as much music as he possibly can since being diagnosed with inclusion body myosotis, a rare and incurable inflammatory condition which causes muscles to weaken slowly.'

Iconic rocker reveals rare disease

Still one of my favourite songs of all time.

Aw bums.
So what's 29 stone in new money?
406 lbs by my calculator. Pretty hefty and not likely to be quick on his feet.
any bets on mrs may, in parliament with the mace/ceremonial sword/kosh
400+ suspects
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