Dead Pool 2019

It might well be , if we are talking about HF comms? Many a time I/we got a message that we had the wrong type of sky. Mind I also got an American cop on my radio in Germany in 1995 talking about having a five fifty two and asking for backup.

Its all about the sky.
I once picked up a solo round the world yachtsman coming into port in the Philippines on HF from a laybye in the Brecon Beacons once, but that’s for another thread.
Is that Uri' Mrs?
*Wah shield down*
No, t'was her of the infamous 'lavender list' of Harold Wilson's resignation honours for those of us old enough to remember. The 'Forkbender' epithet was a pun by Private Eye just after she was herself ennobled as Lady Falkender.
*Wah shield up*



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Absolutely the best film Hitler of all time.
Strongly criticised for portraying Hitler as a Human Being who was a kind and considerate employer to his personal staff.
This was in spite of the facts that Hitler was actually a human being and was known to be a kind and considerate employer to his personal staff.
Seems that those that criticised Ganz for his portrayal prefer the Sturm und Drang monster version that we have become used to.
Ganz preferred to do his portrayal the historically accurate way.
A fine actor RIP.
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