Dead Pool 2019

Gordon Banks RIP. From the days when you could name every player in your team and a few other teams besides. I still vividly remember his save from Pele at the 1970 World Cup - awesome. Childhood memories. Very sad, but I believe he had been ill for sometime.
@slipperman 2 years National Service with Royal Signals I think, rose to the dizzy heights of Signalman...
Nurse: I think its all over
Doctor: time of death 10.30am
Nurse it is now

WHAT!!! Someone had to
@slipperman 2 years National Service with Royal Signals I think, rose to the dizzy heights of Signalman...
Thanks @Chodmeister - I recall being told that some years back and there is a thread up now on the RSA site in tribute to our ex Corps man. I wonder if he represented Combined Services during his service?
I'm sure pretty much everyone here (apart from millennials) who has any sense of self reliance will have at one time or another had their hands on a Haynes Manual.
Sadly, the originator's main pump has ceased operating & there are no owner serviceable parts.

The founder of the Haynes motor manuals - known for their distinctive "exploding" diagrams - has died aged 80.

John Haynes started the firm after helping fix an Austin Healey Sprite and realising the official manual was "not designed to help an average car owner".

His manual was published in 1966 and later books for cars went on to sell more than 200 million copies
He’s on the telly tonight playing the Gamekeeper/Ghillie Kincade in the Bond film Skyfall at 8pm ITV2, one of the better ones from the entire series of 007 movies for me.

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Loved him in Skyfall. Dunno anyone else who could say "Just try and stop me, you jumped up little shit" to James Bond like he did.

As a syadmin, there were a few IT howlers in that movie. The biggest one was Q bringing the bad guys computer into base and hooking it up to the base computer network to decrypt it just to find out it was a trojan.
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Only if he's flattened by a truck. The old dog will probably beat flu, he's beaten everything else :) Even he isn't sure why he's not dead yet and says there's no plausible medical reason. Some say Ozzy's a genetic mutant with his own Ozzy genome.
He's already pickled is why
Too bad. I was hoping for a coffin shot,. eyes closed,hair slicked back, etc.
It's comforting to know that Moron is despised both sides of the Atlantic
The newer manuals on aircraft etc are really good too (I spent all my pocket money recently on the ones for the Mosquito, Stuka and Tiger tank as they were reduced in The Works bookshop and cheaper than a magazine from Smiths.)
I used to the Inventory Manager on a Halfords contract and in our stock were the Haynes Manuals.

Many a lunchtime reading whatever took my fancy. Couldn't bring them home sadly due to security, just checked them after reading them as I had opened the cellophane
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