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Seems a bit harsh to demand payment for somebody who never even visited Cardiff's training ground or even wore their shirt, but as my old gran used to say when she was running her shop that sold lots of tat "You touch you buy". The player was at least insured by the club at the time of his deep sea dive, but the next bit is determining whether the skeletal remains are the footballer or the pilot. He's been down there a wee while. Plenty of time for the crabs and other sea life to have had a decent feast.
he would have been in the back surely ? I noticed the door undone, perhaps our resident gas fitter got out, odd his body hs not yet washed up, but I suppose they will be checking the tides for that
Body of the footballer found, wait out for link


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Sneaky tener on President of Brazil, Balsonaro... he’s staying in hospital with pneumonia, a complication after recent surgery.

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I shall watch Gumshoe tonight in memory of Albert Finney.
I have it on DVD


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Albert Finney, 82.

Short illness.
One of the last of a breed. Good actor who could switch from kitchen sink drama to light comedy effortlessly. I thought he was superb in 'Tom Jones' and of course a tour de force in 'Saturday night and Sunday Morning'. I also saw him in something with Tom Finney, 'The Dresser@ and that was excellent.


Is that a metaphor?
In one scene, she and another actress were riding a rather large horse together, young Susannah in front. She was, as was the custom at the time, riding sidesaddle, and doing a very good job of controlling said horse. I was quite impressed by her horsemanship (horsepersonship?).

However, I knew that there would be no way that I could put 'Susannah York' 'sidesaddle' and 'large horse' into a single sentence and not have it sound slightly unseemly.

And now, Susannah York's ass:

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