Dead Pool 2019

I'm putting a cheeky tenner on Jared O'Mara topping himself.
RIP - top photie


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Sir Tim Bell reported dead on the 1100 news this morning.
I'm not subscribing to that pile of **** just to read whatever it is you've posted.
The ft headline is indeed misleading. "Ferdinand Piëch, the ruthless engineer who built Volkswagen"
He was only a month old when it was founded by a Nazi labour union. DW have a brief obit with slideshow for those interested.

A career in cars — Ferdinand Piech
For decades, Ferdinand Porsche's grandson was a leading light in Germany's car industry. Without Ferdinand Piech, there'd be no Porsche 917, no Audi quattro, no Bugatti Veyron, and possibly no VW as we know it.

A career in cars — Ferdinand Piech | DW | 17.04.2017
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