Dead Pool 2018

It gets worse..depending on one's view point. According to a Sky report this morning, parents give more pocket money to boys than girls.
Perhaps from an early age, they simply seek to reinforce what every girl should know?
"The reason why you have smaller feet is to enable you to get nearer the kitchen sink sweetie.":oops:
Therefor, and excellent pre-prep for life ahead. ;)
Speaking as a girl who had size 7 feet from age 14 may i be excused kitchen duties please sir?
Do you mean BBC 4 or BBC Radio 4?

If the latter, it is what I most listen to. However, it could also benefit from some judicious pruning.
I meant the TV version - some cracking music documentaries and foreign crime series. Always worth checking out at the weekends. Agree with your Radio 4 comments.
...I take it you also have size 7 feet too? Bit of shoe share?
I am sure my high heels will suit him.

In a Royal Marine sort of way ...


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That was chuck conners, a TV series called" Branded" from 1965. Disgraced army officer, epaulets ripped off, sword broken etc
See post# 1569 ;-)


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That's a bloody accurate undertaker's tape measure!
Sorry, I'm digilexsic, and fat fingerly challenged. I may even get a government grant because of that.
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