Dead Pool 2018

On second thoughts they look the type.
They left a trail of smashed hotel rooms from Lytham to Skegness. Even Lemmy and Keith Moon used to give them a wide berth.

Look at the actual date of Babs' death and the day they announced it. It was more than two weeks ago. Strike you as funny? Not really. They had to 'sweep' her room before the police and undertakers attended. She was a devil for hiding her gear.
I would have, all 3 of them at the same time [in the 1960s, although I was a little young for that sort of thing]
If you'd been older you could have been one of their travelling harem of male groupies. You'd have been a worn-out husk of a man by now.

I'd better not say more. One of them is still alive and they were vengefully litigious.
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