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Thankfully not responsible for Ja Ja Binks, otherwise I may have killed him myself. I still remember the amazement of seeing the opening scene to the first Star Wars movie on the big screen.

'Gary Kurtz, a film producer who worked on the first two Star Wars films, has died aged 78, according to his family. Described by his family as a "beloved husband, father, grandfather, friend, colleague and mentor" Kurtz, died from cancer in London on Sunday. The American-born former marine produced Star Wars films A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back with director George Lucas. Kurtz also worked on hit films including American Graffiti and The Dark Crystal.'

Star wars producer Gary Kurtz dies aged 78


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People with an allergy to nuts who do not make their own sarnies at home, but who buy a Pret sarnie then cark it on the plane. The book is closed on this one. All bets are off.
Marty Balin co-founder of Jefferson Airplane and Starship falls to earth with a bump
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