Dead Pool 2018

Ok, since I started this for 2017, I thought I’d start one for next year having just watch Planet Earth. Sure Sir David must be top of every ones list for 2018.

Prince Phil - sure, I must get it right once
Betty’s doesn’t good too as well
David Jason
Jeremy Clarkson
Dot Cotton
Bobby Chartlon
Michael Douglas

Go full your boots.
Kirk Douglas age 101
Billy Graham is 99 (Hallelujah!!) Will he make the ton?
Vera Lynn is ton up.
Joan Collins is 83. One romp too much could kill her.
Honor Blackman & Angela Lansbury both 91
(Fingers Crossed)
  1. Jeremy Corbyn
  2. Dianne Abbot (you can die of stupidity can't you?)
Just saw David Icke, that lad looks like he's been thriving off the American diet a bit too long. Bless him.
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