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Dead Pool 2013

Can not find it - MODS please feel free

Dead pool 2013

Prince Phillip
Clint Eastwood
Bashar Hafez al-Assad
His Brit Wife
The Brit Maj
Prince Charles
A Col in Afghanistan
Astute after hitting some rocks again.


Book Reviewer
Max Clifford - suicide if found guilty of kiddy fiddling.
Michael Barrymore - suicide due to depression.
Phil the Greek (Sadly the old boy is getting on a bit. But the world will be a duller place without him).
Margaret Hilda (looking very old and frail now).
Freddie Flintoff - injuries received in a boxing ring...

That'll do for now.

The Pope
Stephen Nolan (explosion, of himself)
Blessed Margaret
Well-known Graeme Le Saux lookalike Nelson Mandela
Big Ian
Gerard Houllier
Alex Ferguson
Kerry Fatona

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