Dead Pool 2011

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. We need to get this started as they have started dropping already.

    BBC News - Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite dies aged 64

    Al-Megrahi of Pan Am fame in March
    Ronnie Biggs in June
    Lady Thatcher in November

    Hopefully some rapper awards will get hit by a bus or summit.
  2. Recently ,at one of the news-deliverers I work for, 'Phil the Greek's' Obit was out for a brush-up.
  3. The coalition government. As an entity and not individuals.

    Of course, a man can hope.
  4. Communist.

    My vote goes for Amy Winehouse.
  5. Fidel Castro... old git has gotta be due to pop it soon? He's ancient!
  6. I think she's become a living mummy and is immune to death.

    I will plump for Emma Watson, done diabolically to death by a deranged stalker on imaginary orders from Lord Vermiculite.
  7. Blair? Again, one can but help.

    Edit: Typo was Freudian. Best leave it be!
  8. Kim Jong-il
  9. With any luck Pete Docherty will OD and take Kerry Katatonic and Amy Winehouse with him.

    Michael Douglas , Liz Taylor
  10. Mandybum. Aids will finally get him. We can but hope!
  11. Right,so that's one Royal wedding and one funeral,bring on the bank holidays :)
  12. The problem with Winehouse is that she has passed some pretty hefty tests so far, which would have killed lesser mortals, a kind of rockers Darwin test. Like Keef, she cannot be killed by conventional means.
    Col Gadaffi.
    Bush Snr.
  13. Surely the "good old boys & rednecks" will zap Obama this least I hope so.
  14. I think this year will be the year for Peter Dow.
  15. Hmmm;

    Lady Thatcher.
    Michael Douglas
    For some reason...I can't help thinking Kylie Minogue or Kate Moss.