Dead Pool 2011

The coalition government. As an entity and not individuals.

Of course, a man can hope.
The problem with Winehouse is that she has passed some pretty hefty tests so far, which would have killed lesser mortals, a kind of rockers Darwin test. Like Keef, she cannot be killed by conventional means.
Col Gadaffi.
Bush Snr.
Surely the "good old boys & rednecks" will zap Obama this least I hope so.
I think this year will be the year for Peter Dow.

Lady Thatcher.
Michael Douglas
For some reason...I can't help thinking Kylie Minogue or Kate Moss.
Oh...and Bruce Forsyth.


Book Reviewer
Benedict XVI (July)
Uncle Bob Mugabe (March)
The current Irish Government (at the next election)
The Euro (if both Portugal and Spain go breasts skywards)
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