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Dead Pool 2006


OK, time for your Dead Pool lists for 2006. Five nominations each and I'm putting up a prize of a shiny sixpence to the clever Arrser who gets the most in the calendar year 2006. Double points for successful nominees under the age of 40. Scoring stiffs must have an obituary in the Times, Telegraph or Guardian. Anyone found to have offed one of their own nominations is automatically disqualified, there is such a thing as integrity after all :D :

My fading five:

Ariel Sharon
Margaret Thatcher
Pete Doherty
Bashar Al Assad
Liza Minelli
Bob Geldof
Tim Westwood
Tony Bliar (these 3 are more of a fantasy and if any or all of them die it is nothing to do with me(with the posible exception of Westwood))
the next two are the ones that i think are knocking on heavens door
Phill the Greek
Lesley Philips
The 2 poofs from Frankie goes to hollywood
Dame Edna Everidge
Next Door's Dog (soon and most probably from a large head trauma)
Ronnie Corbet
Barrymore (hopefully soon and if theres any justice from a huge ANAL trauma)
Ariel Sharon
Ahmed Chalabi
Mohammed Deif - leader of Hamas' military wing in the Gaza Strip
Jacques Chirac
Gerald Ford - aged 91!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Ariel Sharon (Given)

George Bush Snr
Phil the Greek
The Queen
Mohammed Ali
Charles Kennedy

Remember the younger they are the more points you get

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