Dead or Alive??

who cares ????
Is this about Pete Burns? I always though Dead or Alive were pretty poor anyway. "You spin me right round" is the only song I can recall them doing.


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I want to see his head.....Not much to ask as proof

sorry i cut it off and took it home to have my pet pig spaff on it.

he look pale then il tell ya!!!

iv`e since given it away to the local chavs to play football with(the smell from microwaving it was kinda odd but it stiffen`d it up for the chavs and a good round of footie):)

i fear another whitewash story,so he can bluff afew months freedom from the mountains.

take his entire family and he will soon show up.


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Coughed up his last I'd say, but not that he was relevant anymore.

Silly bugger (Bush that is) has managed to get the whole of Islam on the case with only a tiny bit of support from Binliner.

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