Dead Mans Shoes

Saw this film over the weekend and had to watch it twice in a row, what a film!

Starring Paddy Considine as an ex-para returning to his hometown of Matlock to wreak revenge on his brothers tormentors. Its like Get Carter but with Derby accents and more realistic.

Anyone else seen this?
Yeah its awesome, haven't heard anyone say a bad thing about it yet, well apart from the guys dodgy beret at the funeral! Awesome them tune as well, Smog's Vessell in vain
yeah good film, best bit is when he get's the drugged up twonk to say hello to his mate in the suitcase lol
One of my top ten films of all time, you are right the East Midlands accent just makes it so believable. Wouldn't you just love to clear a few towns and villages of their scum in that manner.
Even got it on dvd. Amazing film not very believable on the actors involved with drugs but even so funny as feck.
"C'mon, dance at my party" :D
Dead Mans Shoes is thee best film ever made
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