Dead Man Walking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nebapneb, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. How the hell was he released so soon?!
  2. Before you do what? Twat him? I'll bet you run away when you meet him face to face you wet blouse.
  3. I think it's standard practice these days, he's served half his (too short) sentence.
  4. The local council are running short of Foster Parents.
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  5. I was hoping him and his brother could pop round and brief me and her up on how to get amongst this fucking baby we are having if the little cunt starts to get temporarily above her station.
  6. Perhaps you could have a BBQ for him and wonk mog.
  7. steady on there chaps remember the lurkers on here. incitement to violence and all that.........................but hope he gets nailed in short order fkin nonce!!!!!!
  8. Guys let us keep strict fire control orders here and not get ARSSE into any diffs or individual IP addresses used by Plod. It is an emotive issue but be very careful in online hatred. Taking the pi$$ out of a muppet is fair game but certain things could cause this site big diffs and result in you getting a knock at the door well before breakfast from the Peelers.
  9. Stop being so fucking sensible!
  10. if in the highly unlikely event i run in to him and recognise him, after getting over the shock of it i will in all likelihood twat him one around his ugly paedo chops and keep on doing so until either a) i'm too knackered to continue or b) he twats me back so i can't continue.

    i am a wet blouse at times granted, but for him and his brother i'll make my stand

    oops, forgot its the naafi, fuck off pissnose, do you want some eh, eh, eh? :eye:
  11. If I ever see him I won't do anything at all.
  12. Roses are red
    Dead babies are blue
    I wish I could care
    But I've got to pooh
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  13. .....Honest!
  14. I'm sure someone will smack the shit out of him but I'm always fairly sure it won't be an arrser seeing as most on this site are either civvi wannabes or decrepit miserable old cunts knackered from service In the Crimea
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