Dead man laughing: A gallows humor contest on death row

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Virgil, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Texas inmate holding a contest for humorous last words he will use on his execution date as judged by fellow death-row inmates.

    San Antonio Express-News
  2. I'm with the prosecutor on this one!
  3. Ditto!

    "He knows they're going to do it," she said, "so he might as well go out laughing." - Yes lets give him the honour of having a bit of fun before he dies!!!!!

    If he does, it would take to a new extreme the old show-biz motto: Always leave them laughing. - Isnt the end of that supposed to be 'and wanting more'?
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Watt, now? Ohm my god!
  5. Link don't work.
  6. Wonder if he'll be laughing when the old plunger goes down.
  7. The staff could get in on it as well. They could dress up in tiswas outfits and have a phantom flan flinger. Oh the hilarity of it all. Or they could just get him all strapped up and ready to go only to give the obligatory "only joking" as they are about to throw the switch, doing that a few times should take the wind out of the convicts sails! Then shoot him in the face with a shotgun! I'd laugh, but I doubt he would!
  8. He cold-bloodedly killed two bound captives. They should be making sure he has absolutely nothing to laugh at in his last days.

    Then strip his death of any dignity or meaning, the way he did for his victims.
  9. Thats better. Thanks.
  10. I agree, and I am sure that his 'audience' will not be rolling around with laughter. If he had any respect for the family of the victims he would keep his gob shut and go with some kind of quiet reflection on what he has done. Only in America....
  11. It just shows what value this worthless lizard placed on human life.