Deactivated Weapon back from Iraq...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ironrations, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. How do, Im currently serving out in Iraq and have managed to aquire a Duska 12.7mm. It's in pretty decent nick and as my other half's mess are seeking contributions I thought I'd pass it on to them. So I've had it deactivated by the armourer, and am now in possession of the Certificate of Deactivation.

    I'm unsure of the next step(s). I've heard rumours that it must go to the Proof House next, is this correct?

    Anyone out there got any ideas for improving its appearance before donating it, it's a bit rusty...nothing too bad, is bluing or painting the way to go?
  2. You're correct in that it must go to the proof house (Birmingham) to be checked that it cannot be re-converted to a useable weapon.

    The bigger question is to check that you can bring it back. The policy, when I was on Telic, was no deactvated weapons at all.
  3. If you get it back, PM me and I'll put you in touch with a chap who has experience of de-acting these for current Proof standards.
  4. If you are so despearate for a weapon that can't fire.... just draw an SA80 out of the armoury!
  5. ...and the first smile of the morning goes to The_Cad. Ta.
  6. If its any consolation, we acquired a tasty AA gun on TELIC 1.

    The gun was deactivated and repaired/restored by our armourer with a view to making it a Sqn centre piece on our return.

    I remember filling in ooudles of paperwork, jumping through several nugatory hoops and putting on a ship to marchwood on about 15 Jul 03......
    never to be seen again!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If you have a friendly QM you need him to return it in a box marked L7 GPMG when the rest of the wpns go back. :D alledgedly
  8. Unless things have changed since Telic 7, you are not allowed to remove any military souvenirs from Iraq. BRITFOR Policy was that any such items are in fact property of the Iraqi people and should be handed to the ISF.

    I'm not saying I agree with the policy, but we also looked at bringing a Dshk back - not the one from the Shaibah medics mess is it?
  9. please don't. there are only two approved proofing houses for de-activation of weapons for the army. if your "chap" does not work at either of these, you'll just cause this unit grief.

    as for the issue of bringing them back - have no idea of current policy. i'm just looking at the approved deactivation angle.
  10. As stated above, MoD & thus BRITFOR policy is that removal of war trophies is not allowed except in very strict circumstances. I very much doubt your circumstances comply (it was a struggle getting a present given to a 1* by a local sheikh out of theatre), but get in touch with J1 at Div/NSE for clarification. If you try and smuggle and get caught, you are committing an offence and will be punished.
  11. You'll need:

    1. A verifiable receipt for said weapon, as has been mentioned booty is outlawed and it's real law, not a made up thing by the CoC.
    2. Confirmation by an approved gunsmith in the UK that they will deactivate it.
    3. Approval by theatre command to ship it to said gunsmith.
    4. Then arrange shipping to said gunsmith by approved commerical means.

    If you can do all of this in the space of a six month tour then you are clearly an admin god.

    BTW. Even if you do manage to clear all the hurdles you may find that there are some dictats (being enacted on a sporadic basis) that all deactivated weapons must be kept in the armoury. The probable reasoning is that as ACPO have stated repeatedly that all weapons can be reactivated with a Leatherman and some criminal intent there is a potential for CR/Career negative things should one be stolen from an MOD building.

    OTOH If you really want an Iraqi weapon wait until you come back and buy a fully functioning one from your nearest crack den.
  12. as i said earlier, there are only two approved Proofing Houses. these are in london and birmingham.

    attempting to do it through any other gunsmith will end in tears at some point down the line, and be a waste of your time and effort.

    i suggest you ask your Rear Party to speak to the local MI section for where you hope to keep it on your return, and liaise with the Field Security Section at BAS. they will be more than happy to discuss the details and regulations with you.
  13. Anyone can de-activate a weapon - assuming they have the authorisation to possess it in its active form - and then submit it to either London or Birmingham Proof for examination. Neither Birmingham nor London actually carry out de-activation work - they only examinie submitted weapons and ammunition.

    A section 5 RFD can de-act automatic or other prohibited weapons, and many military weapons - particularly from museum collections - are deacted by civilian RFDs. These civilian RFDs who deal with the Proof houses on a daily basis are in fact usually more in tune with latest Home Office whim regarding the specification for de-activation than military armourers.
  14. Do the Armourer a favour and destroy the "Deactivation Certificate" that he has knocked up. He is NOT permitted to certificate deactivation, and if a cert is found with his name & details on it he'll be certain to have his testicles lightly roasted. Tell him to browse through Chapter 8 of AESP 1000-A-003-013 (Policy & Procedures for Armourers, Light Weapons & Workshops - a riveting read), to see how badly he's screwed up by writing out a Deac Cert, then tell him not to be such a cnut in future, as he could well have dropped you in the cack too.
  15. Rubbish. You're out of your depth on this one CR. Neither Proof house carries out any deactivation work - they just issue certificates confirming that the work has been done. You need a Section 5 Registered Firearms Dealer and gunsmith to do the work and submit it to the proof house. 4(T) is not the sort of person who is going to play games on this sort of thing.