Deactivated L85A1?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by gawanga, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Due to the demands of Mrs Gawanga, ("get this fucking junk out of my spare room!") I'm shifting a couple of old deactivated mosin nagants and stumbled across this:


    I was under the impression that all the old A1s were retained/ retrofitted or whatnot but certainly not punted out to random collectors, along with BFAs and bayonets.

    Any thoughts anyone? (other than the cheeky little bastard wanting 5 grand for it)

  2. I could reactivate that :D

    A bit pricey though!

    You could knock him down a bit as the SUSAT is missing it's locking washers and nuts.
  3. Why have a fore sight fitted with a SUSAT? and 5k? wtf 8O

    PA, if your works the same standard as CC then I doubt you could reactivate it :wink:
  4. My standard's much lower, but I'd use a bigger hammer :)
  5. Action Man acessories?
  6. Can you read? Or do you have a disease that makes you type random words?
  7. Well, the forward sling attachment is on the wrong side of the handguard...
  8. An activated A2 cost only £562....£5k, is he off his rocker? (bloke got a bill for damage last week at full price)
  9. Yup so it is, and the dust covers open.
    Is this an airsoft replica?
  10. Doubt it.

    Going by the price it's more likely that it's one of the "inert" ones built by RO

    Having never been a firearm there's a bit more that you can do with one, such as fit a 22 rimfire action to it.
  11. And thinking about it, why would you have the foresight post mounted as well as the SUSAT?

    (If he wants extra, tell him it's missing the locking nuts for the SUSAT windage adjustment).
  12. Not the Inf bayonet either. Missing the saw.

    How come the IBFA with a A1 as well?

    Not in keeping with the old skool broken-finger-nail, finger-tight feel of the rest of the weapon.
  13. Oh dear. How sad!
  14. I want.