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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by gennithmedic, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Is it possible to buy the tube for an RPG in the UK (legitimately)? In order to protect the UK militaria trade it's a real nause to get stuff back, so I'm guessing theres a big market for stuff like this.
  2. This is a grey area in firearms law - I'm not sure that there is an accepted standard for de-activating rocket launcher tubes. Not so long ago, someone was prosecuted for having a used/empty 66mm - even though these do appear on sale sometimes.

    Worth contacting one of the main dealers to ask them:

    You may find that these guys are ahead of you - they can get ex-WP stuff like brand new AKs for less than $100. If there is a market for RPGs, I'm sure they can source the tubes easily.
  3. No legal knowledge but would echo 4(T)'s sentiment. The militaria trade in the UK is pretty well sewn up by people with a lot of cash. People who will happily (or at least grudgingly) take a financial 'hit' in order to make sure that nobody else enters the same market.
  4. Thank you Gents,

    Christ knows how you deact an empty tube. Take the spring out of the trigger?
    You're totally right about the "market sewn up" situation. In Bastion last summer the locals were selling Victorian army surplus Lee Enfields. Supposedly recovered from the battlefields and lovingly kept hold of for 150 odd years. The powers that be quickly banned their sale, although they were entirely legal- Obsolete rounds or summat. Must have been a good back hander somewhere along the line...
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If they were Lee Enfields they would have been in .303 and therefore section1. They may have been khyber copies and unsafe therefore for once the system may have saved your life and liberty! :roll:
  6. Just checked the sites.
    Martini rifles (sorry my Bad) for £545. You could have bought a Jingly truck full for that amount in BSN last summer. Cnuts.

    Whilst I'm on the Outrage Bus, was there a big problem with crimes being committed with "souvenir" weapons?
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Most MH rifles esp those in 45o MH will be sect 58 obsolete and therefore off ticket provided that you dont intend to fire them. That said the market was flooded when the Nepalese arsenals held a clear out and the value has gone through the floor.
    It would have to be a special example to tempt me to buy one!
  8. Perfectly legal. An RPG is classed as a 'Section 5 Prohibited Weapon', but once it has been deactivated, it would cease to be classed as a 'Firearm'. The relevant bit of legislation is the '88 Firearms (Amendment) Act. This says that a deactivated firearm is any firearm which is no longer capable of expelling a shot, missile, bullet, or other projectile and which cannot be readily restored to do so.

    The normal route for something like this would be for a Section 5 dealer to deactivate it, then a quick trip to the Proof House for it to be certified as 'unprovable'. As posted above, firms like Ryton Arms specialise in this sort of thing: they claim to be on an MOD approved list on their website.

    I would suspect that for an RPG launcher they would mill a large slot in the side of the pressure chamber and perhaps weld a large steel peg accross the inside of the tube to prevent chambering a warhead fitted with the booster charge. I can't recall if you can easily remove remove the wooden handguards from an RPG: but if you can the modification wouldn't be at all obvious.

    The warhead itself would have to be rendered FFE - a rather specialist skill.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Or a wooden dummy!
  10. a 'terp offered me a working example for $300. I supose the UK price is higher, but you don't have to endure RMP analness.