Does anyone out there who has completed the DE TAPO TAFS weekend have any advice for the next batch due to attend this coming weekend? I've seen the 'keep your humour' advice, but is there anything else worth knowing. Also, my fitness isn't great at the moment - is it going to kill me?
KEep your eyes open, ask questions just not stupid ones and enjoy it. It gets harder than this weekend but you'll probably have some time to ease in before the training hits the steep curve.

Which bde are you doing it with?
LDSTT for the time being. Though for admin purposes they have placed us with 3MI. I fully expect it to get more difficult - fitness is my one concern for this weekend though!

Thanks for your advice.
I have just completed my second TAFS weekend, went to Woolwich. Am in the signaks, have no idea if this related to your weekend as I am not up with the terms yet.

The first weekend was pretty easy on PT, a couple of miles run on the saturday, but pretty slow, some circuit trainng and then a further wander around the asault course in the afternoon. On sunday, was another easy run. No-one dropped out.

On TAFS 2, which I finished yesterday, it was a bit tougher. did a couple of miles in the morning. Then at midday did the BPFA, I did the 1.5 mile in 10:08 which I was happy with. You had to get under 13:45, 3 out of 30 failed that time.

Then yesterday we went for a run through the woods for about an hour, which was uncomfortable due to the heat - but was broken up with having wrestling fights and piggy-back fighting in the middle.

A few people struggled with fitness, but they gave the impression that they rarely did anything fitness wise at all and were wining all weekend. You don't have to be too fit to cope with the weekend I just went on, but I expect the 2 weeks recruit course to be a lot more demanding.
Yeah they do TAFS, slightly modified CMS(R), GAP is optional although it's useful and different bde's will have different ideas, as it's covered in Mod 2. Mod 2 is where the real learning is done.
I have knowledge of the process, however if you are already worried about your fittness that is not a good start. Can you run 1.5 miles in under 13 mins? If yes do not worry if no you have some work to do. It will not exclude you but you will be given a chance to pass again. You will not be put forward to the next phase which is your CMSR until you have passed.
You should look at the Scottish model it is working and the recent level of DEPO's is very good indeed.
My knowledge is thin on the subject, but listen to all points but you must be of your own mind and do not try and be someone you are not. We will notice during the interviews. When you submit your CV ensure it is true and does not have added extras that you do not know as your talk will be based on what info you put into your CV.
Have you been slected for Officer Trg?
If so you should be able to breeze TAFS 2 as it is just info and drill. Relax and enjoy the weekends, this is not one to worry about!!!

Abacuss seems to know what the full details are, so if you need more info he always seems to be very sensible!!
I'm not at 13mins at the moment though do not doubt my ability to be able to do the distance in that time with a little more training. There are a few of us on the Direct Entry Officer scheme and most of this is new to us - we have only attended an Assessment Weekend so far - no training nights or anything else (or previous TA experience) and so I'm trying to understand a little more about format and proceedure to ensure that I can do some relevant training.

I think we are all looking forward to the weekend though. We're doing this because we want to after all!

Thanks for the advice.

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