De-selections off the Cpl-Sgts Board?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Heard a rumor today that there has already been some de-selections from the recent Cpl Sgts Board.
    Can anyone shed any light?
  2. are you sweating?
  3. Been sweating for years but thats cause Ive not been selected!!!!!
  4. There would have to be at least 300 De-selections before you'd get a look in matey! :lol:
  5. Big yawn!! Im about ready for bed can you bore me some more?
  6. The RLC seems to be being run entirely on rumours with no hard facts ever emerging at the moment - the only info I ever hear is unproven rumours.
    But I haven't yet heard this one.
  7. Humor me and half the other hopefuls waiting for the fateful day where we get dragged into the Sgt Mess!!!!!!!!
  8. A couple of de-selections have been made. For a variety of reasons (AGAI 67 Award, Regimental Entry and one individual who was not qualified for promotion).

    Nothing new with this though. De-selections take place throughout the promotion year. Just have a look at every promotion board and you'll see de-selections and additional selections on each board.
  9. Aaaahhhhh at last, the rumour is not but true.

    I had heard that there was a deselection due to not being qualified.

    This proves that the RLC promotion boards are a load of outdated tonk.

    Am I correct in thinking that if someone is not suitably qualified then they will not go forward to the "selected Pile" of CR's and thus not get promoted?

    If I am correct, how has this person been selected in the first place? Human error? Lottery Pick????? Pin the tail on the donkey?
  10. JBB,
    No matter how much you slate the system you aint gonna make it in the mess because your Tonk! But I heard there's a barmans job going in Gutersloh's Mess if your interested!
    You still driving the Animal???
  11. The fact that you have not been promoted would seem to prove otherwise!
  12. not concerned about deselections....its the mongs who got promoted.....handbags who have a cushy time polishing the staff car and get recognition for did **m g**n get promoted????????? answers on a postcard :? :?
  13. Whilst i cannot confess to be adoring of 'stackers' your early career on ARRSE seems to be a bit negative, and as for posting some ones name then hang your head in shame and try to get a bite about 'stackers' some where esle you utter mong!

  14. Probably through an ability to knuckle down and get on with his job keep his gob shut and not whining like the proverbial **
  15. Sprechen sie England like wot I does?