DE = Sarah Orchird and team

Discussion in 'RLC' started by werespid, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. To Sarah Orchard and Team

    Please accept my apology for my recent post posted yesterday. i am sorry if you were offended by my comments
  2. Wouldnt this be better in a personal letter rather than broadcasting her name all over the internet. I would start with sorry for calling you a bunch of lazy tw@ts and I would also add chocolates with that letter :)
  3. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

  4. Lets hope they don't use the terminology you have just used and put it in the letter . :)
  5. Is there a link to the previous post so we can independently judge your alleged stupidity :?
  6. About as bad as spelling her name wrong in an apology.
  7. Actually, that is very 'in' at the moment - ask the PM!
  8. To DE

    Yes, please accept my humble apologies as well. In retrospect it was unnacceptable for having the audacity to complain for over eight months, that the house you moved me into had a gas fire hanging off the wall. I fully understand that when you eventually removed the fire, that you had to move the 1940's era mantlepiece that it had managed to cling to via a lone screw for god knows how long. I also fully appreciate that once you removed the fireplace it was way beyond your remitl to replace the carpet where the fireplace had once stood and in all honesty, it was a pleasure having a great big FO hole in the wall and a big FO hole in the carpet for nearly 6 weeks. Life wasn't as much fun, once you eventually sent MHS round (after numerous missed appointments) to resolve the problem and they skillfully black nastied a piece of plywood over our hole in the wall. Thankfully you left the big FO hole in the carpet otherwise our toddler would have never learn to appreciate the effects of forward momentum and gravity coupled with a shit ablity to balance because your feet are wedged under the carpet where the fireplace used to be.
    We were over the moon, when having worked our little knuckles to the bone for march out, that you saw fit to tramp all over the house in big FO mucky shoes touching every surface that appeared to be clean. The sheer delight, at having marched out of a very shiny clean MQ to be marched into a MQ that looked like it had been occupied by a small long lost tribe of filthy coal miners, was indescribeable. We absoloutley howled with delight when you told us that we couldn't turn down a quarter on the grounds of cleanliness. So in the spirit of reconcilliation I would like to take this further opportunity to thank all the staff at DE for the sheer pleasure that it is to live in your fantastically maintained and immaculatley cleaned quarters. My mate who lived about 8 doors away would also like to pass on his thanks for the joy of having raw sewerage running down his kitchen wall via the ceiling and light fittings. Of course he understood that having electrified human shit in your kitchen was only a routine repair and 6-8 weeks to rectify was totally reasonable. Another source of pleasure on the patch was having a 6 inch crack between the roof and the bedroom wall. The exposure to the elements for the couple concerned did them good and they know it. Please accept my humble apologies for getting confused over your purpose for being and may I take this opportunity to pass on my heartfelt thanks for the sheer privilege and pleasure that it is to live in your fantastic quarters, they really do you justice.
  9. Drop Dr Atkins a wee line or too...she's always touting for business and it will shift the balance from E&D complaints and bring effect where it is desperately needed, ie the things that p!ss the majority of us off, wages, food, houses etc.