DE question from serving Ssgt

I have been booked on a Fam visit in Feb then hopefully pass that then main board.
Should i knock up a CV? I have life experience and GCSE, AS, A levels and BTec's.
Will this all look better if I put it on paper?
If so, shall I take it to the Fam or the main board?

Also If I was to tell someone all my quals could they tell me is this enough to get in?
I know its on a point system but if a independent source could check this for me that would be brilliant!


I am ignorant of commissioning from the ranks, but when you say Fam visit, is that the AOSB Briefing? Just wondering, as before I attended I had to submit a full CV. However, things may well be different for DE.


Must be rather different for DE entry compared to a civilian application then. What I can suggest is giving Westbury a ring and asking them if it's required - they're very helpful.
FWIW, I passed RCB with no academic quals whatsoever.

Edited to add: things may have changed since then however.
I see. Thank you.

(that made me giggle. a little. not much. but a little)

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