DE, PQO & LE? Whats the differences

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Well what are they? I am led to believe that their is no difference at all these days, an LE will still need to do a two week knives and forks course at Sandhurst and when commissioned they'd have do the same MK courses as a DE.

    Is it different for PQO's?

    I'm too just old for DE but I guess the rules would be bent for a PQO but obviously an LE would get me an higher rank (but I could probably complete PQO before I hit the required rank for LE).

    I don't intend moving from where I am but works taking up an increasing amount of time, a specialist (PQO) might be a better alternative.
  2. First off, the rules are changing for DE/LEs to bring them into a years served rather than age related progression and the full dit on how the system will work from IIRC 1 Apr 07 are currently being roadshowed round the country so much of the info you get may be out of date.

    PQO, as far as I understand it, only covers AMS (doctors, nurses etc), legal eagles and padres. There is an aspiration to recognise civilian qualifications in TA progression but, at present, the complications of doing this outweigh the percieved benefits. Unless there is another PQO route someone knows of I would think this is not an option.

    The decision of whether someone with previous service who is recommended for a commission is suitable for LE or DE commissioning will be at the discretion of the Commanding Officer under central guidance. Under normal circumstances, WOs are most likely to go LE, Sgts and below will go DE and SSgts may go either way but this is not set in stone; age and experience are factors.

    Both DE and LE TA officers will have the same commission, the QM's commission will be no more. DEs will commission as 2Lt and progress from there, DEs will commsiion as Capts and will be exempt MK1 and JOTAC. From that point onwards careers and qualifications will be the same.

    All this is available on Armynet at: Army Home Page / Serving Soldier / Career / MCM Divisions / Officers / Officer Career
    Officer Career Development

  3. Royal Signals Specialist pool. Currently its only LIAG (Land Information Assurance Group) but thats meant to be completmented by a IS Specialist Pool (shortly - I don't know how shortly as I've watching that space for a year or two :D )
  4. BS,

    1. A bit of a typo there - you undoubtedly meant "LEs will commission as Capts..."!

    2. I have recommended to my newly minted LE Capts that they "do" MK1 as background study anyway. If they know it all, they can feel pleased, and if they didn't know it, they will then be at the same level as the DEs!

    Otherwise, I agree with everything you wrote.

  5. I heard that a LE officer can follow a DE's path, effectively the QM commission is to be a thing of the past and if they want to become OC they can be (but have to complete the same courses as a DE)

    p.s. I know LE's have gone onto be OC's already.
  6. DEs and LEs at Capt and Maj are both in the same pot when it comes to selection for jobs, whether command, E1 or E2, and for courses such as ISCS(L).

    You are correct, the old style QM commission has gone, and to progress, a QM would be expected to become "widely employable".

    LEs can transfer to DE providing they meet the professional requirements and pass the Board. There is an interesting discussion in the margins of whether or not they improve their chances of promotion to Lt Col, but there are several LEs out there who have transferred to DE and subsequently reached full Colonel. Certainly, if you have been given an LE commission at a relatively young age, the current LE rules on promotion to Lt Col and the cap at that rank act as a disincentive. A transfer to DE is the only way one can quickly progress. I am not aware of anyone who has gone from LE commission to 1* but I bet someone is working on it!

  7. Not in my Corps, have to wait til WO, even when you pass the board you get knocked back at MS.
  8. Ah, the old Chap Factory experience, eh?

    Everyone goes to RMAS so that they can get a decent tweed jacket and a pair of red trousers.

    Hack on Algy, two up and bags of smoke!
  9. Ha, confuse me more :D :D It doesn't seem right that someone would chose DE route at SNCO level, afterall LE is just around the corner and from an OR point of view a LE commission holds more weight than a DE one. (That may be a Sigs comment, our technical officers tend to come up through the ranks - although I don't mean to say our officers aren't technical).

    I agree with WhiteHorse's comments, I don't see the point in waiting for someone to attain WO2, most who gain it are going onto WO2. The next step for these SSgts is to decide between WO1 or Capt/Lt.
  10. I was told it was age related, young enough or a fast mover and DE, older (!) and experienced LE. Problem occurs when you're "just too old" for DE but not "old enough" for LE yet still capable.
  11. Whitehorse,

    That is what has happened to me! to old for DE (aged32) but probably to young for LE. However as far as i have been made aware it would be a LE commission that i would recieve.

    i attended the Last Commission Board and my application is being supported by the Board :)

    I am just waiting for the word from MCM regarding what rank i will commission as, should find out in about 3-4weeks :D

    then down to sandy buckets in March 07 for the 2week LE course.
  12. Well done you. Like you, I passed the board, but I was too junior for LE and too old for DE! :roll: Hence not commisioned :evil:

    By the way, you'll have to change that car for something more suitable :wink:
  13. nowt wrong with the car!! :D

    except the real one doesn't go! next on the priority list :D

    bit tough passing the board and still not getting commissioned :x

    have dropped you a PM