DE Officer 16 years IRC Immediate Pension Point IPP Question

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cake anyone, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. ok, i can't be the only DE offr who is planning to take avantage of my IPP and extract for a second career with a bit of cash, but there seems to be little info on the matter. is it really as simple as running out your IRC, and JPA leaps into action, or are there a few hoops to jump through? furthermore i wander if people have kept quiet with their career managers about their intent for fear of dissappionting jobs. i get the basics of the pension system [hoping that it doesn't change enormously!!!], but in particular would be interrested in views on the following:

    1. The process itself especially as the pension differences between PVR and running out your engagement appear significant

    2. My IRC appears to take me beyond my 16 year point [including time at RMAS]. is this normal?

    3. Confirmation that taking a RegC is not the way forward if you are going for 16 years.

    4. How to play it with your career manager so you dont command the worst sub-unit in your cap badge.

    Any views especially from those who have been through or are in the process of leaving would be welcome. thanks.

    Details: DE Offr, graduate, no unique pay/job, on IRC, AFPS 75.
  2. vauxhall

    vauxhall Sponsor

    A little help on Q. 1. As an AFPS 75 member, if you have committed to serve for a specific period, and leave before you have satisified that commitment, you will be treated as if you have PVR'd and will suffer a financial penalty in terms of you pension and lump sum, irrespective of how long you have served. I am very aware of people who have served beyond the 16 year point and ended up with lower pensions than if they had left at the 16 year point. You need to check your original commitment. If you need more help on the pensions aspects of your question, you might like to consult the Forces Pension Society. There is a link on this website.