De Niro : De Menezes : Stockwell

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dontdreamit, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. ha ha quality!
  2. Unfortunate, but hardly worth kicking up a fuss about.
  3. Made me chuckle!
  4. The UK is going PC mad. Bloody Human Rights Act :roll:
  5. Awesome,

    I was watching daytime telly today whilst "working" and someone flashed a clip of westlife reforming and touring on a news page... unfunny in itself but the news scripts to the left of it said "Unexplained rise in winter vomiting bug"

    Well, it made me laugh.
  6. There will always some busy body who's sole aim in life is to complain, no matter how frivolous. And there will always be people who will give these complaints the attention they dont deserve
  7. lol - yeh that's a real shocker that one. Call in Sherlock and Watson. :D

    I had that very same bug at my last Bn function...
  8. Police have said that shooting John Charles De Menezes wa a mistake. They were looking for his naughty brother Dennis.
  9. Brilliant.
  10. :D hahahaha

    Not as good vaaaanmaaanns avatar though.

    Quite possibly the peachiest arse I have ever seen.
  11. Now that's comedy.
    You should put that on your signature.
    I'm off to but a new keyboard.
  12. Lol I work for CBS (the people who own the advertising space) it was a fairly big issue because a bunch of people got on their high horses about it and kicked up a fuss. We all thought it was quite ironically funny.
  13. :D you would make a good squaddie..