De-mining activities - help required.


I need some help from the de-mining community if possible.

I need to generate an insurance proposal form to enable insurers to quote terms for personal accident insurance for the de-mining community.

I can easily cobble together the basics from our other high-risk insurance forms, or look at existing market products but would appreciate the input of any experts.

Of interest is the types of techniques being used, quality assurance measures, relative safety rates etc.

No money on offer, but if anyone is willing to provide some expert guidance, it could help offer better terms to their fellow de-mining types around the world.


have you also put this request in the RLC forum????


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See reply in RLC Forum
I've a few mates who are ex 9 Sqn doing this around the globe. If you get no joy give me a shout and I'll try and get hold of them for you.

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