Discussion in 'Officers' started by ally133, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question that I hope someone will clarify for me. I understand that if a WO1 commissions then he is granted rank of Capt. That is after 22 years service. Now what rank would a Sgt be granted if he chose to commission at Sgt? If someone could clear this up for me I would be much obliged, thanks.
  2. All LE, soldier entry, as they are now known commssion as Captain.
  3. The only Sgt I ever met that commission was a mate of mine who went DE with me.... 2Lt on his first day out the door.... what a demotion

  4. LE commissions are really only given to WOs. Anyone else would, IIRC, go and do the full course at RMAS and commission as a DE 2Lt, with seniority added in line with the time they had previously served.

    Hope that helps!
  5. They usually go in as a Captain, it depends on time served as to which pay level they go in as.
    You can on rare occassions commission as an 'exceptional' SSgt, and clinical trades with the RAMC can commisson from SSgt.
  6. Last 2 posts are spot on, I will add AGC into the mix as I know a number of SSgts that commissioned into them from other arms and services.
  7. RMP minimum rank of WO2 realistically WO1 though, Ask D---k Mc----ie he tried twice as a WO2 and they flung him out of the door - twice!

    Tough life!
  8. The source documents you would want to read are the OCDH or 2006DIN02-240

  9. thats the important bit.

    Within the RAMC it all depends on your trade, if youre a Clinical trade the commissions come round once in a blue moon and are open to SSgt, WO2 & WO1 and only to those in that trade


    for the Medical Support Officer it is usually open to WOs from absolutely any Regt and Corps plus those DEs who are sad enough to want to be one. Although they are only taking DEs and those already in the AMS at the moment.
  10. It is age based.

    If the individual is going to an LE Commission he must be over the age of 30, and will commission as a Captain. If he is under 30 and attending RMAS as a cadet, they will commission as a 2LT.

    Not too sure what the rules are for PQOs - Medical/Veterinary/Padres etc, but not clear from the question if your colleague fits into one of those categories.
  11. QA nurses are an exception to the rule, if a WO1 nurse commissions then he/she is no longer counted as an LE and their pay is affected by this, for them both the rank they commission as and their pay level is worked out on how long they have been qualified rather than how old they are or how long they have served.

    They will (once you pass the commissioning board) commission you as long as you have a minimum of 2 years post registration regardless of time served, the wonder of the Professionally Qualified Officer (PQO).
  12. Folks,

    Just to put this one to bed: the key bit is completion of 9 years reckonable service.

    If so = application for L(ate) E(ntry) commission.

    If not = application for D(irect) E(ntry) commission. Cue 44 weeks at Sandhurst and commission as 2Lt with appropriate antedate of seniority.

    The Schoolies (AGC(ETS)) will consider sub Cpls and higher with 9+ years reckonable service for LE commissions. Whether they are competitive is another matter (although sub Cpls have been successful on the board). However, that is the 'advantage' of an all officer branch.
  13. Thanks very much for all of your replys. I am a Lcpl 21 years old who was thinking of gaining class 1 in trade awarded Sgt then applying for a Commission. So would have done about 6 years service and be 27. Or apply to commision now start as a 2Lt and go that route.
  14. "Applying for Commission"? Similar to the thread above yours (not the fish knife one, but commission from basic training), you don't apply, you have the ability noticed in/about you.

    You might mention to your Tp/Pl Comd that you have an interest in Commissioning and then the world needs to gwet behind you - Sub-unit OC, Regt CO, etc.

    Ultimately you do have to meet certain academic standards as well (at least that's what a mucker of mine who commissioned from LCpl via Sandhurst to 2LT told me).