De La Hoya v Mayweather superfight

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, May 5, 2007.

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  1. So much hype over this fight..any predictions?

    As much as id like him to get his face mashed I reckon Mayweather will scrape it on points.

    Surprised Sky aint showing it on PPV, very generous of them!
  2. I picked DLH to win but Mayweather got it on pionts. Oscar took most of the first half but Mayweather strated to rally late on and take control. There are some big match-ups for Floyd including a rematch with De La Hoya, a tussle with Shane Mosley and possibly even a showdown with our own Ricky Hatton.
  3. Got it spot on!

    Great fight, hardly a classic but enthralling nonetheless.

    De La Hoya is just too old now but he did neutralise Floyd for half the match.

    Take nothing away from Mayweather though, he did the his heaviest ever weight as well.

    Really hope he doesnt retire, got a feeling his ego wont let him!

    Ricky Hatton would definitely not tire in the later rounds and thats the match we all want to see!

    Well worth watching if you aint seen the match yet, its being repeated on Sky Sports until tomorrow I think
  4. Come on lets get real Mayweather and DeLa Hoya would both brutally dismantle Hatton it would be painful to watch, i am a massive Hatton fan but i pick the winners of fights with my head not my heart
  5. I agree sandy dont think ricky hatton can out box either of them but neither mayweather or Golden boy like getting hit in the body. Hatton can deliver some brutal bodypuches.
  6. Sorry I disagree. If Hatton can put out another performance like he did against Kosta Tszyu then there's no doubt he could give Mayweather a run for his money.

    You saw last night how De La Hoya neutralised Floyd's trickery for four or five rounds with punishing body shots.

    Mayweather looked bemused at times and he was damned lucky he was up against a 34 year old Hoya who ran out of steam towards the end.

    Mayweather might act the goat but that was the toughest fight of his career and he's going to be hurting for a good few days after taking some of those shots.

    I've a feeling it will happen eventually, Hatton is a thorn in Mayweather's side although he would never admit it.
  7. IF and a very big IF this fight does happen Hatton would have to up at least one weight possibly two and i dont think his punch carries well at the higher weights, even his trainer Billy Graham said he should stay at light-welter.
  8. I don't think Hatton is quite up there with DLH & Mayweather so Sandy is right about his chances with both of them. I love Hatton too - he's one of the nicest fellas in boxing but I feel he may even struggle next month with Jose Luis Castillo in Las Vegas.
    Taz, I agree on the age thing with DLH - his body just can't do the things it could back in 1996 - imagine what he'd have done with FM back then?

    There's a good fight next weekend - Kevin Anderson V Eamonn Magee - Sky Sports. Scot Anderson is a throwback fighter, and now he's training with Bob Shannon in Manchester - a trainer who's renowned for getting his lads fit. He'll need to be against Belfast hardman Magee - this guy's been done over by the IRA with baseball bats and was told by doctors he'd never fight again (he was lucky he walked again - they bashed his legs to bits) but he came back to resume his career.

    Who needs these big fights in Vegas when we've got some very watchable guys over here who'll give 110% everytime they step through the ropes!