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  1. To follow on from "What kit have you left ...", let's hear about your experiences of de-kitting.

    As I prepared to hand in over 3 decades of accumulated detritus I got hold of a copy of my 1157 and was amazed at some of the things still on it, and plenty that wasn't. I could find most of the stuff, but some odd things were missing and yet I still had loads of other kit that wasn't on the list.

    Even more strangely there was no CS95 kit on any list.

    When the big day arrived I dragged everything I could find and claimed my place in the Clothing Store. Just as others had told me, the civvies in there weren't all that interested and wouldn't hav recognised most of the kit even if I had it.

    So, it was all a bit of an anti-climax really. And I've still got my CS95 (well, most of it ;-) ).

    What about others, did you go through a Guards-like de-kit and have to produce every single item?
  2. My de-kit was a bit like yours. Simply dragged the stuff over to the stores and the storeman (civvy as well) said if I wanted anything except the NBC stuff I could have it. No thank you, says I. Bye bye 29 years of accumulated guff (oh, I fib a little, I kept the Norwegian shirts for some unfathomable reason).
  3. Mine was pretty lax and I was asked if I wanted to keep my Pro Boots. Any diffy kit was ignored and I more than made up for that by handing back 5 KF shirts, 4 pair lightweigts etc. It was a strange feeling after that, having 4 days left in camp and no military kit to my name.
  4. De-kitted with 9/12L. I took in absolutely everything. They gave me my bag of reservist kit - they even let me exchange the reservist kit before I left, they then said give us what you don't want and keep what you want. Very civilised indeed!
  5. With 24 years served myself and 14 for Mizz K13 we ended up with boxes of stuff left after de-kitting.

    10 years on and with another house move imminent I have spent the last 2 weeks doing the final 'de-kit' ... through FleaBay ... and we're 500 quid to the good!
  6. When I de-kitted it was exchanged for various denominations of beer tokens by a civvy storeman at the local market, then a few months later I received a letter from a man at the Ministry of Silly Walks thanking me for my invaluable service and inviting me, in my own time, to return any unwanted surplus kit that may be cluttering my place free of charge enclosing a pre-paid parcel label.
  7. Well being a Guards type, on my de-kit I never had to produce every single item and like others handed over all the extras that had been built up over the years and wasn't billed for any diffies
  8. Much the same here - handed in everything I could find and no bills for diffies.

    I gave away nearly everything spare to the rest of the guys in my troop, even gave away my ammo boots (which were older than me!)

    I think even the stores bloke realises that if you have signed off and are doing a final de-kit that you aren't likely to be all that bothered by a missing button stick and the like.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    ...which is going to go in the bin anyway...
  10. With 4 years left thanks to VENG, i have started to wonder about this little matter. I have 4 MFO boxes of gear in the garage (never had a car in it cos there is no room thanks to army kit). I am thinking of approaching our clothing storeman to arrange the handing in of some of this equipment, some of which is still in wrappers. It doesnt help when they issue me with a complete set of FAD (future army dress) which has bumped me up with even more.
  11. Dekitted at Bassingbourn some 16 years ago. Told to keep the reservists stuff such as combats, helmet, S10, boots etc. All old and moth-eaten now! The hardest bit was handing in my No2 dress, as it seemed to be the only physical manifestation of a pretty full and varied 22 year career... Still got my button stick though and I never did work out what some of the cut-outs were for! And yes, I did use it when polishing the back brasses on my '37 Pattern belt in 1973!
  12. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Am I the only Cold War Warrior who only ever sporadically saw a button stick in the hands of others and never got issued one myself? Certainly seems that way, and I never had pangs for one.
  13. No mate, I didn't get issued one either. People's Cavalry didn't need them, obviously :grin:
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Has anyone got an old button stick that I could exchange for a suitable donation to Hols4Heroes?

  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Neither did real cavalry after 1975 apparently.