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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by REME-Q, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the rules regarding military De-Kit.

    1. I have items on my printout that I have never recieved.
    2. I still have lightweights troursers and green shirts on the printout, If missing would I get billed?
    3. Most of the part numbers do not match the ones I have.
    4. What is a Facepiece Plano size 2?
    5. What kit are we allowed to keep?

    I would appreciate any advice on these and other general de-kit points.

  2. If you have a decent CQMS / RQMS then it shouldn't be a problem as long as you have the "expensive items" to hand in e.g helmet, respirator (facepiece Plano).
  3. We are a small sub-unit who are admin by Garrison. We have a Sodexo Civi who even billed an ex-QM for a missing waterbottle.
  4. I recall mine was
    'Got helmet?'
    'Anything you want to keep? If not, throw the rest over there on the floor and we'll sign your chit'
    I wish I'd kept my pro-boots now :(
  5. In that case you are fucked! Civilian storemen are the scourge of the devil and they normally wear Silver Shadows on the piss.

    Try and get as much of your issued kit as possible, including bukshees, together. The extra kit may placate the storeman in the event of a few diffies.

    The different NSNs on uniform matters not a jot as it refers to different sizes. E.g you may have initially been issued a 180/112 smock with a particular NSN then later exchanged it for a smaller size which would have a different NSN. If this change wasn't updated on UNICOM then obviously your 1157 print out will not match your actual uniform NSNs.

    If in doubt at the actual de-kit, go in hard and fast with a flurry of left / right combinations on the civvies swede.
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  6. 4. What is a Facepiece Plano size 2?

    S10 ressy
  7. Got kit insurance? It's what its there for.

    Differences in NSN are usually because the NSNs have changed, but you've still got the kit or vic versa. Or you exchanged kit away from Unicom (on tour for example) and the kit was a differing size. As long as you hve right number of items, and the items are correct they usually don't get to carried anway with NSNs or sizes.
  8. make up what your missing from army surplus shops/ e bay. should be able to make it up dirt cheap. Civvy clothing storeman can be right jobsworths.
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  9. Answered in post No. 2.
  10. Answered in post No. 2.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Get to know your storeman at least a few weeks prior to discharge. Buy him a beer if you see him in the pub. Make arranements to hand in your kit a week prior to discharge, retaining just enough for the final week, buckshee/bought is good here.

    You will by the time you rock up for your chit to be signed know if the storeman is OK or a store nazi. If the latter you will have a few days to obtain any diffies (if available) from buckshee kit from your mates. Also if he is a cnut, make sure he only gets what is on your signature - any buckshee stuff either take with you or give to mates,
  12. I echo This wise advice greatly & not all civvie store man are cnuts only a few....
  13. You must be fcuking ace :roll: and you didn't 'answer' you just said if your SQMS/RQMS is a decent bloke. Forgeting teh QMs input on this and of course the fact that 'expensive' items may have different NSNs and what not too.

    I tried ridding myself of my dessies only to be met by the 'storeman of inactivity' who was loath to take back items that weren't the correct NSN... and he couldn't be arrsed look them up.
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  14. I am ******* ace.

    Even if I was a LCpl in the RLC I'd still have more street cred than that of an overweight SSgt technician with a passion for increasing his post count.

    Get your over developed forehead down and stick to impressing your ex cadets from the CTT days.

    You utter ****.
  15. Go to the stores last thing on a friday afternoon, start off apologising for daring to make the store guy do some work past mid day dump all the kit on the counter and before he starts going through it hand over the cheap bottle of plonk you've bought as a thank you. Keep telling him how valuable he is to world and that no one works harder than him. Result plain sailing.
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