De-Kit No2's How Dare They ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by error_unknown, Jan 26, 2002.

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  1. Just the thought of having to hand in my No2 Dress makes me shudder to the bone.  :'( My 2's are the most important and presentable uniform I have  ???  just wearing them makes me stand proud unlike wearing jeans and T-shirt (Cbt 95) on a daily basis. The Army of today is becoming a scruffy and unpresentable body of professionals. Lets face it seeing soldiers walking around the garrison in Cbt 95 kit turns my stomach  :-/
  2. Why is 2 Dress being withdrawn?
    Does it apply to officers service dress to?

    I'm glad to see back of it. It looks like a supermarket security guards uniform as well as being bloody uncomfortable.
  3. Couldn't agree more Sarn't Major, we need to keep the bloody stuff. Even if only for the odd parade or two (do we still have them?). I think that Combat 95 is great for what it was designed for but it was surely never intended for ceremonial. Keep No2s and No1s I believe that if nothing else they do make the guys inside them grow a couple of inches and feel proud. They also look good to civvies. I think the proof of the pudding would probably be; How many guys have got married in Combats?
  4. would say no 1 dress looks much better
  5. Nurse, I agree but they both look better than Combat 95 for weddings deaths and other parades.
  6. Totally agree c'bat95 should be a work uniform & as i stated on cbat 95 string shouldn't be starched or turned into parade ground wear. But i think 2 dress looks terrible. No1 dress is far far smarter and should be issued instead. What is the reason for its withdrawl is there a shortage for units who wear it more frequently? Has Donnington burnt down again? Cost? or the Mod just being prats again?
  7. Hit the nail on the head Nurse, it is a cost thing.
  8. well why don't they take it of the TA first. It's only used maybe once a year if at all. Not every TA soldier is issued it.
    Also if its already issued surely its cheaper to leave it where it is. I think the cost cutting is now going to far.
    How many years will it be until efficiency savings eat up the whole budget?
  9. BTW what are non household div soldiers going to wear when they are put out to guard buck house or for the Golden Jubilee or presentation f gongs etc? or do the civil service just want the army to look like prats?
    maybe they'll make the rest of the army do what officers have always had to do buy their own uniforms.
  10. Interseting stuff.  Does that mean we wont issue medals any more until you get to wear mess dress?
    No2 dress is horrible, but, even though it does sound crusty we should have some sort of "smart uniform".  Maybe there just isn't time any more to march up and down a square anymore.
  11. or maybe you'll have to buy your own like officers do
  12. keep the no 2's but call them something else
    we need something to parade in and personally i think sick parades should be back to wearing them
  13. a more flexible clothing system is needed c'bat 95 looks horrible in offices. Why not a service dress uniform that with dicky bow and white shirt hey presto mess dress. Or with combination of jumper/shrit barrack dress. Just like the yanks have. Had  A US Army Reserve(not national guard) officer at camp last year his uniform configured as mess dress looked well his BDU'S looked awful to narrow in leg. And next time anyone is working with Yanks please please teach them how to shape a beret (they make TA nursing officer/Medical officer ones look smart)
  14. the Yanks seem to have parade kit down to a T and they treat their soldiers like humans
  15. Look on the bright side. Obviously the G4 biffs and crusty ceremonial eejits who design Home Service Clothing haven't ever had the joy of wearing it.

    How the hell can it work out that the greatcoat (for winter) is a flimsy pile of shite, while Officer's tunics (especially enjoyable during the nice warm 'silly season' of May/June/July) has 14 layers of cotton over the chest and the back.

    What I wouldn't give to be able to do the whole lot in Blues and Forage Cap...