DE-HD Wrong "Type" of SFA. Accompanied Service frustration.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ned_Seagoon, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. I have just been told that my family has been in the wrong grade of SFA for the past 9 months. Typically, the move was set up while I was deployed on an op-tour and the first time I saw house was when most of my kit was already en-route from Germany to the UK. I questioned the both the type and grading during the handover and was told that, although the grading might be open to challenge there was no error in the type. After several months of digging through the JSPs, I decided that while I could accept that the house might be at the very bottom end of the scale for the type, it definitely falls far short of the stated grade. I submitted a formal written challenge in November which, despite weekly phone calls to the DE-HD, went unanswered until I escalated the complaint in March. I have now been told that there was a clerical error and that it is actually a lesser type of SFA that should never have been allocated to me. While the refund of accommodation charges will be nice and I think that I could push for a move at public expense – I am not sure that I want to put my family through the hassle half way through a posting. I suspect that none of the “decision makers” responsible for allocating the SFA or turning down my initial challenge will get the slightest b%locking for getting it wrong. They might even be amused at the consequences of their actions (personal and military kit mildewed while stored in a damp garage because of lack of dry storage; No1 son living in a room that resembles a furniture warehouse and No2 son living in something little bigger than a cupboard because this house has fewer rooms that any we have lived in for the last 10 years; wife understandably furious). The cumulative effect is not good for accompanied service and retention!

    I would appreciate suggestions about where I should direct my next level of complaint to attempt to ensure that the DE-HD decision makers are appropriately educated about the implications of getting it wrong!
  2. You need to get your head into JSP 464 and check your copy of your letter of allocation, which should state what grade your MQ is and why you are not allocated your entitlement, if that is the case. I would suggest that you speak to your Welfare Office and admin staff as well to make sure that they support your claim.

    Chapter 3 of JSP 464 should set you off in the right direction.
  3. Thanks Mr Logic. The letter of allocation states (incorrectly) that the SFA was correct for my entitlement. They have since, in response to my challenge, admitted that it was recorded incorectly on their database! Although I don't belong to the unit where we live, the UWO and staff are fully on side. The bottom line seems to be a total lack of concern among the DE-HD staff that have such a huge influence on our families' welfare and happiness. The fact that our little outpost is on its third DE-HD Customer Care Manager in nine months speaks volumes.
  4. JSP 464 states that you can complain to DE-HD but as you are complaining to the people who cocked up that may not get too far.

    You can go for a Redress in accordance with AGAI 70 but that is time consuming for all.

    You best bet is perhaps to get DE-HD to admit their mistake and allocate you a house of your correct entitlement. I am sure your CoC can grant a move at unit expense if you are in the wrong type of house due to the mistakes of others. Failing that, bite the bullet and do the move yourself. I have had to do this in the past. It is a week of stress but worth the personal satisfaction of getting into the correct house.
  5. Soldier magazine?