De Facto Demotion

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by avi1500, Nov 9, 2010.

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  1. I am posting about someone else (really am - he doesn't know I'm doing this), who is a new 2LT. He has been through Sandhurst, Brecon Infantry Battle School. Having been sent to his unit in a foreign country at vast expense to the taxpayer (not to mention the cost of his training), he finds that all he is doing is data entry and the odd bit of guarding. No platoon command, no patrols, no responsibility, no nothing. Believe it or not, he actually has combat experience from being in another [rather better] army.

    Whenever he asks, is there a problem, his immediate superior either doesn't respond or tells him to 'just get on with it' or words to that effect.

    Sound fishy to you? What's going on? My own view is that he is either just not liked (He is from an ethnic minority) and/or is believed to have committed some imaginary crime. Am I being paranoid? If not, is anything to be done?
  2. Shut up, better foreign army, ethnic minority, being bullied,odd bit of guarding let me rephrase that **** off wah.......
  3. Another rather better Army? What, was he a knight of the ******* round table? Wah!
  4. Thank you for your helpful, educated reply. That tells me all I need to know about you. Want to take it outside, a*****?
  5. Believe it or not, there are better armies than the British one. Yes, it's true. Let me see, I'm thinking USMC, for example. But let's not get distracted.
  6. Yep log off, outside stripped to the waist lets go
  7. Is the USMC classed as an army?

    Instead of mentioning he's not liked and then trying to tie it to him being an ethnic minority why not just shout RACIST and save some time?
  8. If I'd known that this forum was populated by such morons, I wouldn't have wasted my time. If you had any more intelligence, you'd be an idiot.
  9. No, I'm grateful for the offer cbgramc but although I am an elderly senior officer of limited physical health, I believe that this gentleman - you don't mind if I call you a gentleman, it is only in fun? -has only himself to blame for coming onto the British Army's own unofficial website and disrespecting that army wantonly. So if it were possible in cyber space to "take it outside" I would be delighted to do so. Unfortunately it isn't and so I nominate avi1500 for "The hardest man on Arrse - international section".

    Also the USMC is not an Army is it, cock for brains? JJH will no doubt be delighted to adjudicate on that point, seeing as he is a respected poster on these pages and a senior officer of that service!

    Finally, the ethnicity slur? Is that something you have thought up or is it something the poor soul who is your unfortunate friend has mooted to you? I know of a lot of American/part-american officers and ORs in the British Army, including in the Household Division. None of them have been forced to wear a Star Spangled Banner as a mark of their ethnic impurity to my knowledge. Or did you wish to imply that his particular battalion/regiment doesn't like black people? In which case, there is a formal route down which I would advise him to go because as an Army we are trying to change that sort of thing...and where people do not stand up for themselves on this is where the bigots win.
  10. He/she/it can't answer they are outside waiting for me , and its cold here so I'm stopping on the Internet.

  11. I'll have a guess and take it you're hinting about the Israeli Army. "Look Avi, those kids are stoning my 65tonne massively armoured tank, which we boast has the best protection for crew in the entire world. Call in an airstrike while I brass them up with the .50cal Oi vay then give them some 120mm lovin'...."
  12. I am not implying anything. I have no firm evidence of racism. What I do know is that if you are hired as say, a pilot but the airline only uses you to clean the ashtrays and the sick bags, then something has gone wrong. The question is, how to put it right? I stress that I am doing this off my own bat. The person concerned has no responsibility for my actions.
  13. As if the inter web was ever going to fix this one for you...
  14. If you're not implying anything why mention he's an ethnic minority? What would you have said if he was white, British, male hetrosexual and got treated the same?

  15. Ah its because he has the wrong school tie old bean............ standards dear boy.